How to plan for SEO and PPC together


Do you have set goals for your Online Marketing covering SEO, PPC and social media elements?

Your Online Marketing covering SEO, PPC and social media elements should have the following objectives:
  • To increase Return on Investment (ROI) and reduce Cost Per Action (CPA) on your digital marketing spend
  • To increase web channel sales, in other words, high conversion of visits into leads
  • Integrate PPC and SEO to leverage synergies

Plan for PPC

  • Campaign Modelling: The campaign model designed to enable a strategic overview of spending, and flexibility to switch budgets from underperforming areas to proven or potential high performing areas.
  • Analysis: Focused analysis of PPC results to track user behaviour and measure the relationship between brand and generic keywords.
  • Create campaign with Ads
    • Having good niche keywords, solid writing
    • Making strong value proposition
    • Optimizing for the search terms used to find it
    • Focusing on conversions, instead of clicks

Set goals for your PPC

You must set goals for your PPC campaign. They should be short, clear and unambiguous. For example, it could be as simple as follows like follows:
  • Increase in ROI: 20% (Benchmark Current ROI: 23%)
  • Higher Conversion: from current 0.3% to 2%
  • Reduction in CPA by 15%

Plan for SEO

SEO should be your preferred choice for all generic terms. It lasts longer, increases your brand value and improves your ROI.
  • Research: Identify generic and brand search terms that could drive organic traffic and convert well. Identify business themes and primary search targets such as products and services, as well as secondary targets e.g. your niche offers, markets and locations.
  • Content development: Making attractive, unique, keyword-rich content valuable to both visitors and search engines.
  • Promotion: External link building focused on online article distribution, press releases, and blogs.
  • Social media: Use of social bookmarking to support content and article work.

Set goals for SEO

As in case of PPC, you must set goals for your SEO campaign and they should be short, clear and unambiguous. It could look like as follows:

Goal for April-June Quarter:

  • Share of organic traffic as a percentage of total search traffic: 25% from current 12%
  • Google ranking
    • 5 keywords to be top 10
    • 2 keywords in top 5
    • 1 keyword in top 2
  • Top 5 keywords bring 75% of organic traffic

SEO & PPC synergy

PPC should be used for niche terms and SEO for generic and brand search terms. The objective should be to reduce PPC spend on under-performing campaigns by switching the focus to SEO where required.
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